i'm terri :}D

quite frankly i don't have much to say for myself. i'm currently studying a bachelor of science in computing and digital media at flinders university so i may become a web programmer/designer :). my interests are hardly cliche and i honestly don't give a fuck about what you think of me. i'm a cynic, and i most likely will never trust you :)! i am noooow a resident of adelaide and am the loneliest person in the world so if i have followers from adelaide, message me :3
i am super opinionated, pale, drug-free, slut-free, and i don't give a shit.

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since 13th of may 2011.

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i’m really very unhappy with myself


i always cry

when i read someone lost a loved one whether i know them or not
i can’t stand anybody having to feel that kind of loss and helplessness

i lost my purse and my phone

i fucking hate my life.

Good work out was good

Aerobics fucking hurt.